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Chloe Delainey is a multimedia creative from Kansas City, Missouri, currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Starting at the age of 15, she began taking courses in photography and working for her high school newspaper where she developed a passion for journalism and a keen eye behind the lens.

Chloe continued her professional photo-journalism career at Belmont University's campus publication, the Belmont Vision, as a staff writer and photographer. While freelancing for some of Music City's most classic venues, she became well known in the community as a concert photographer with a killer shot. She built her reputation amongst her peers as a creative and dynamic photographer that excelled at not only capturing the 'it' shot, but also collaborating alongside artists to develop their brand. 


With a tireless work ethic, she earned her Bachelor's Degree in journalism while touring nationwide with popular bands such as Third Eye Blind and Smallpools.

Currently, she works for TikTok Trust and Safety, and dedicates a handful of monthly sessions to artist media and live show sessions.  

Inspired by unique stories and experiences, she portrays a sense of an emotional connection through her various mediums.

"This is what it feels like, to my head, from my heart and through my lens."

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